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Spork and Cork

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Travel everywhere and anywhere with the Spork & Cork. This compact eating utensil will stay safe and clean in its custom cork fabric sleeve. Great for camping, backpacking, and any adventure where you find yourself eating on the go. Simply hand-wash after each use and you’ll enjoy your Spork & Cork for years to come.

Our modern take on the traditional spork is compact, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Each bambu® spork is hand-shaped from a single piece of USDA certified organic bamboo. It’s the ultimate all-in-one eating utensil.

Size: 4‘’ x 2.25’’ Each spork set is sold with 1 spork and 1 cork traveling pouch Sold with minimal packaging, free of plastic, glue, staples, and tape Durable and washable cork fabric sleeve Hand wash for longer life and avoid prolonged soaking