New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Moving West to East has been a whirlwind. As some might know, we lived in Mexico last year, hence why I shut down my little shop for a while, and it completely altered our perspective on what life and contentment means for our family. While living that Baja life, several events happened that led us to the decision to pack it up and move back East. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, where my family still lives, and felt it was the right time to be closer to them. It's always interesting to me how shaking things up just a little can completely shift the next steps you will take. We found ourselves in a new season of life that we needed to embrace. We drove back to WA, sold our beloved #wicksblackhouse in Camas, sold most of our "things", packed it up and started the cross country trek back east.

We began the addictive search on Zillow, as we all tend to do these days, and stumbled onto the idea of Kingston, NY in the Hudson Valley. Slowly but surely, we honed in on the idea that this part of the Valley is where we wanted to be. It felt like the Pacific NW of the east with all of the hiking, bike trails, rivers, mountains, a farm to table food scene, a focus on small local businesses, a bit of quirkiness and extremely diverse. This felt like a place our daughter could thrive, learn and grow throughout the years, while being close enough to get to my family in just a couple of hours. We didn't end up directly in Kingston, but just outside in a hamlet of Rosendale (yes a hamlet is a thing here in NY:). 

[Downtown Kingston - Stockade District]

Since being here, we have immersed ourselves as quickly as we can into our new community. Exploring the Wallkill Valley Rail Trails, hiking the Shawnangunks, swimming at the beach of Kingston, shoveling snow, managing an ice storm with power outages for days, making new friends, eating at all the yummy places, exploring new farmers markets - just all of the things! This area is pure magic.

[Saugerties Light House]

We are settling down and excited about relaunching Catskills Vintage & Co. We look forward to creating and bringing unique, hand crafted items into your home. With this season of life, we are focused on less is more and hope you can feel that in our simplistic curation of home goods. Finding pieces that are functional, yet beautiful are the name of the game here and thank you for sticking around to see what came next! 

[Belleyeare Mountain]